DIONE – From basic to clinical research

Collaborative Research Centre • Transregio 369

Bone diseases such as osteoporosis or periodontitis, which affect millions of people, are influenced by inflammation in the body. The immune system is of crucial importance. Osteoimmunology researches the interactions between bone tissue and the immune system.

The newly founded scientific network DIONE is dedicated to this important complex of topics with the highest level of expertise. The DIONE research network aims to understand and positively influence the communication between the immune system and bone tissue.

Bones are more changeable than most people think. Their constant formation and degradation can be disrupted by the alarmed immune system in the event of inflammation. A better understanding of this destructive interaction can lead to new therapies and promote the bone health of millions of people.

The researchers in the DIONE consortium are internationally recognised experts who dedicate their work to this overarching goal.

Dione – People Are
Our Focus.

Prof. Dr. scient. med. Martina Rauner

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Aline Bozec

DIONE is committed to diversity and this is reflected in the diverse composition of our team. Our members come from different backgrounds, disciplines and stages of their careers. This diversity not only enhances our collaborative efforts, but also strengthens our common goal to deepen our understanding of the molecular dynamics of bone metabolism. In doing so, we aim to reduce patient suffering and make a positive contribution to societal progress.

Dione Consortium